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This 12 valve rotary pressure filler is suitable for the filling of carbonated products such as sparkling wine, champagne, beer, carbonated drinks and water. It fills the bottles under pressure and it is equipped with a special system to reduce foaming.

It is possible to fill glass bottles as well as PET bottles from 200 ml up to 2 litres.
Easy changing for different bottle sizes by adjusting the bottle plate which is attached to a toothed rod.

Maximum bottle size: cylindrical bottles with a maximum height of 38.5cm and a maximum diameter of 12.5cm.

The loading and unloading of the bottles is manually performed by the operator, while all the filling is automatic.

The machine is supplied with an inverter allowing for variable speed control.

The machine can be equipped with an optional pre-evacuation system to remove air in the bottle before filling.

Maximum pressure: 5 Bar

Capacity: 800 bottles/hour based on 750ml bottles.

Electrics: 220V/60Hz/single phase

All materials in contact with the product are made of S.S. 304. The base is constructed of enamelled mild steel.

Optionally this machine can be supplied in 100% stainless steel.