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The BECO Membrane PES filter cartridge from Eaton’s Begerow Product Line are optimized for the requirements of final filtration of beverages. In addition to reliable and safe separation of micro-organisms, the BECO Membrane PES filter cartridges are characterized by the long service life.
Due to their separation characteristics, BECO Membrane PES filter cartridges are used for the cold steril filtration of Wine, Sparkling Wine, Beer, Mineral Water, Cider, Liquid Foods and filtration applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and electronics industries.

The specific advantages of BECO Membrane PES depth filter cartridges:

-High flow rates with low pressure differences
-Safe separation of micro-organisms, according to the chosen pore width
-Integrity test feasible
-The material used enable regularly cleaning and sterilization cycles, thus enabling a more economic operation
-Preservation of all organoleptic product attributes through inert filter medium
-Broad chemical compatibility