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Active PAA, Peroxyacetic Acid uses powerful oxidation technology to strip away biofilms and microbial contamination. A powerful disinfectant or sanitizer that breaks down into safe natural components such as Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Water which makes this the ideal environmentally friendly disinfectant or sanitizer.

Registered with Health Canada DIN 02332973
Meets OECD 301-305 A-F-100 percent Biodegradability
Safe for stainless steel, food grade poly, plastic, glass hoses, tanks, bottling, filtration
Use 2ml per L of water for spray application - leave surface to dry, do not rinse.

CIP Production Lines and Tanks - Use 1.6ml per L of water or 550L water per 880ml bottle
Procedure - Clean first with BevSan Oxi-K. Rinse with clean water. Fill CIP system or tanks to desired level with mixed PAA solution, circulate or spray ball for 10-20 minutes, drain and let air dry for at least 30 minutes. Solution can be moved to other tanks, should be stored in an air tight tote or drum, and should be disposed of weekly. Tank designs vary, however the following is a guideline:

2,500L Tank would require 125L water and 200ml AquaFX
5,000L Tank would require 200L water and 320ml AquaFX
10,000L Tank would require 275L water and 440ml AquaFX
25,000L Tank would require 550L water and 880ml AquaFX