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Absolute Flow is a micronised oenological bentonite (99% of the particles have dimensions < 45?m) which
rapidly sediments and is free of inert ( potentially abrasive) fractions on the filter components.

Despite being a bentonite powder, Absolute Flow is easy and very quick to prepare, requiring a small
amount of water to be rehydrated. Its mineralogical conformation allows for effective deproteinization

The characteristics of Absolute Flow make it suitable for the clarification and protein stabilisation of wines,
in particular where the use of CROSS FLOW filtration systems is required downstream. In fact, it does not cause
any abrasion or wear of the membranes and of the various system?s components.
Absolute Flow, added to the wine to be treated, acts and settles quickly forming a compact sediment that
can be easily separated from the clear fraction.

Packaged in 25kg bags.