Why Oil Bath Filters Are Critical For Bottling Sugary Liquids

Why You Need an Oil Bath Filter with Your 4-Bottle Vacuum Filler for Bottling Sugary Products

AO Wilson

In the food and beverage industry, efficiency and equipment longevity are paramount, especially when dealing with sugary products like liqueurs, cordials, syrups, and juices. A crucial component to maintain the health of your bottling system, particularly when using a 4-bottle vacuum filler, is the oil bath filter. This blog post will explain why an oil bath filter is essential and how it ensures the smooth operation of your filling line.

Understanding the Oil Bath Filter

The oil bath filter is strategically positioned between the vacuum pump and the liquid recovery vessel. Its primary function is to trap sugar vapour and other solid substances inside the oil bath, significantly reducing the encrustation process inside the vacuum pump. This positioning ensures that these particulates do not enter the vacuum pump, which can lead to severe damage and decreased efficiency over time.

How It Works

The housing body of the oil bath filter contains an odourless and flavourless oil. This oil acts as a medium to trap impurities. A tab on the bottom indicates the fill level, ensuring users maintain the correct amount of oil. It is crucial to check and replace the oil at the end of each bottling session to prevent saturation and maintain filter efficiency.

Important Note: There is no direct contact between the oil and the product being bottled, ensuring the purity of your product remains uncompromised.

Why You Need It for High Viscous Products

When using a 4 Bottle Vacuum Filler to bottle sugary products or hot products like juices, an oil bath filter is essential.

By incorporating an oil bath filter, you:

  1. Prolong Vacuum Pump Life: By trapping sugar and solid particles, the filter prevents these substances from entering and damaging the vacuum pump, extending its operational life.
  2. Ensure Consistent Performance: Regular maintenance of the oil bath filter ensures the vacuum pump operates efficiently, maintaining consistent bottling performance.
  3. Protect Your Capital Investment: Failure to use an oil bath filter when bottling sugary products may void your equipment warranty. Investing in this filter protects you from unexpected repair costs and downtime.

Materials and Mounting

The oil bath filter is built with a painted sheet metal container and a metal retina filter element, capable of operating in temperatures from 0° to 90°C. 

Watch our tutorial video on how to correctly install an oil bath filter:


Mounting Instructions:

  • The filter should be installed between the vacuum pump and the recovery tank.
  • Always mount the filter vertically.
  • Connect the OUT connector to the pipe coming from the motor.
  • Connect the IN connector to the pipe and quick release supplied to the tank.

Our Oil Bath Filter Kit includes tubes and hose adapters pre-assembled for user convenience.

Maintenance Tips

For prolonged use, especially in dusty environments, minimal maintenance is required if the oil is regularly replaced. Always maintain the oil at the indicated level and free it from impurities. For dusty operations, it's advisable to disassemble and wash the filter's lower parts daily.

Key Takeaway

Incorporating an oil bath filter into your 4-bottle vacuum filler setup when bottling sugary products is not just a recommendation—it's a necessity. This filter ensures the longevity and efficiency of your equipment, protecting your investment and ensuring consistent product quality. Regular maintenance and proper installation of the oil bath filter will save you time, money, and hassle, allowing you to focus on delivering top-notch products to your customers.