Inside the Bottle: AOW January Newsletter

Inside the Bottle: AOW January Newsletter

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Some food for thought on the industry's latest and what's happening at AO Wilson


AO Wilson Expands E-Commerce Operations to the United States!

Industry Think Piece

Outlook for 2024 projections appear sparse, but perhaps not in the way we think... 

 Could scarcity marketing tactics be the next effective sales strategy?

The Scoop

It's no secret that alcohol producers are in rough waters in terms of sales for a number of reasons. 

According to an article published by Wine-Searcher, invoking the "fear of missing out" via special releases could be way to recapture consumer attention. 


Custom Packaging

What's a common myth with custom closures?
Answer: Scary long lead times and high MOQs. 

 Entrust us with your custom project and rest easy knowing we offer the most competitive MOQ's and shortest lead times in the business.  

Did you know January is the time to start locking in your next custom project? 
Take a peak at just some of the few projects we've done:

A life well-lived, a legacy left behind.

A. Ross Wilson Memoriam

We would like to pay tribute to the memory of Albert Ross Wilson, the second generation behind A.O. Wilson Ltd.

From 1955 to 2012, Ross paved the foundation in establishing AOW as the go-to source for quality products and exceptional service in the food and beverage industry. His greatest involvement to the growth of AOW was through pivoting the business in the early 70's to the emerging Canadian Wine Industry. Through his leadership, Ross developed relationships with several pioneers of the Canadian Wine Industry we feel should be celebrated that include (but are not limited to):

  • Karl Kaiser - Co-Founder & Donald Ziraldo - President, Inniskillin Wines (Arterra Wines)
  • Eddy Gurinskas - Owner/Winemaker, Lakeview Cellars (Diamond Group)
  • Allan Schmidt - President & Brian Schmidt - Winemaker, Vineland Estates Winery
  • John Marynissen - Owner/Winemaker, Marynissen Estates Winery
  • Karl Podamer - Owner/Winemaker, Montravin Cellars (Magnotta Wines Ltd.)
  • Peter Gamble - Winemaker, Hillebrand Winery (Andrew Peller Ltd.)
  • Joseph Pohorly - Founder, Newark Winery (Hillebrand Winery) & Joseph’s Estate Wines
  • Paul Bosc - Founder, Chateau Des Charmes
  • Herbert Konzelmann - Founder, Konzelmann Estate Winery
  • Walter Schmoranz - Winemaker/General Manager, Pelee Island Winery
  • Carlo Negri - Winemaker, Colio Estate Wines
  • Gabe Magnotta - Co-Founder, Magnotta Wines Ltd.

Another integral avenue that Ross developed was with our vendor partnerships. From Europe and the U.S. his big contributions were the following:

  • Battistella Srl & Metalux: Capsules
  • Americo Coelho Relvas: Closures & Capsules
  • PE.DI S.R.L: Sparkling Crown Caps & Bidules
  • Pfefferkorn GmbH: Plastic Stoppers
  • Eaton (formerly Begerow): Filtration Products
  • Spagni Sas: Small Winery Equipment
  • Smurfit Kappa Bag-In-Box Canada: Bag-In-Box

A.O. Wilson Ltd. was Ross’ life. He worked countless hours as there was always more to be done. His true strength as a leader laid with his ability to connect with people, taking the time to get to know them and forge genuine relationships.

He is remembered as the “old style” salesman with brief case in hand, who believed in calling on customers to discuss matters face to face. With the ever growing business, Ross asked his son Graham to join the team. Together, they continued their ambition to serve the Wine, Cider, Spirits, and Beer Industries.

Ross lived a wonderful life, one to be proud of in business and life outside. We are left with many fond memories as well as his legacy that structured what A.O. Wilson Ltd. is today: a key supplier to the industry.